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A Whole New World~and an excerpt

I'm one of those cliche people who has a long drawn out history of wanting to be a writer.

Seriously, from age eleven I started planning out epic stories--the next up and coming best sellers of course-- and since then, I really haven't stopped writing. I even started publishing for a while, both traditionally and self published.

Over the years though, I've come to learn so much. Through trial and error--mostly error--a lot has become clear to me. My eyes were opened to the type of life that I want to live and more importantly, the types of books I want to write.

It's great t be serious and moving but sometimes we just need a bit of fun in our lives too. That thought was what started this new endeavor for me.

I'd had this idea for a long time, a necromancer who gets drawn into a new world, or a different part of our own world, however you want to look at it. One with vampires and shifters and all the creatures of the night that I have always been so fond of. Yeah, remember that preteen me writing a bestseller? It was about a werewolf.

The more I thought about it, the more interesting her world became and the more avenues I saw for different books, all potentially in the same universe, starting with the one below, the first in an academy series.

Now, I didn't actually know this was its own genre when I started planning and writing it, but I am delighted that there is a market for supernatural academies and hopefully that means some people may want to read it.

Today I decided to share the opening to the book. I really hope you like it!




I could feel it in my bones, so cold it burned like fire.

My hands reached blindly, catching the icy railing as I started to collapse from the pain. I held on, just barely, gasping for breath until my vision started to clear.

“Okay,” I gasped. “Okay, I feel you. I know you're here.”

Almost at once the pain of the cold dulled. It heard me.

Shaking, I pushed to my feet.

The roads were empty, only the occasional car drove over the bridge I was standing on. Slowly, I looked over the railing, fingers digging into the metal.

Below me, the river rushed, grass and mud from the last rainfall, the swiftly approaching fall, rose up on each side. I didn't see anyone there immediately. But of course, if a body was left out in the open, it never stayed there long.

I didn't like talking to them. In fact, it was the literal last thing I ever wanted to do but I was the only one who could hear them.

The cold surged through me again, nearly crippling.

"I'm coming," I choked.

This time, it didn't subside. It didn't believe me.

Entire body shaking, I walked toward the staircase. I clung to the railing as I descended, terrified by the wind shaking the rattling metal I was on and even more terrified of what I would see when I reached the bottom.

Prolonging the inevitable, I kept my eyes glued to my feet until my soaking runners landed in the muddy earth.

With a deep breath, I braced myself and then, slowly lifted my gaze.

I was met by the sight of the river spraying in the wind and not much else. The sky was a dark looming gray that looked as cold as I felt but there was no one immediately illuminated in its dull light.

I figured as much.

Like I said, the dead that I came across were never out in the open. They were the ones that had been hidden.

Unsure where to start, I turned in a slow circle, scanning the area.

My blood ran cold.

It always did when I found them.

This time, it was just a shoe, barely visible, peeking out from under the concrete of the bridge. It could easily be missed but I knew there was a foot in it. Hopefully the rest of the body was attached.

"There you are," I whispered.

I approached slowly, hands automatically wrapping around my arms as the cold intensified. I couldn't take much more of this. Sometimes the dead didn't care that I was still living.

The shoe was simple, black, small. A woman’s shoe. Her leg came into view next, hidden under plain black pants.

Her other shoe had been lost in the water and blue toes poked out the other leg.

My stomach churned as the rest of the corpse was exposed. I could see the majority of the body, the bloated belly and stiff arms, the swollen, blue hands but her face was hidden, obscured by tangled brown hair and weeds, still wet from the water.

She’d washed up from somewhere else.

“I’m—I’m here,” I choked.

For a moment, nothing happened.

Suddenly, a rattling breath left her. Her body shuddered. Air gasped back into her lungs, gurgling in the water.

“Blood. Stone.”

Her gasping breath sent a chill running through me.

I cringed back but didn’t leave. This was her spirit’s last effort at passing a message and I was the only one here to hear it.


Her body convulsed with the effort it took to speak, shivers wreaking it and then with a great heave, she stopped moving. The body slipped back into the position it started in as though it hadn’t been disturbed at all.

There was a surge of warmth, reminding me that it was only September and not the dead of winter and I knew it was over.

I stepped eagerly back from the prone body, nearly tripping in my haste to get the hell away from there as fast as possible.

I made it back to the rickety metal steps, back up to the top of the bridge before I fumbled for my phone.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”

At the last moment, I pitched my voice lower.

“Uh… I—I found a body.”

This was the seventh one.

I quickly told them where it was. Considered sharing the corpse’s cryptic message but it was too vague and too hard to explain—seriously, why go through the effort of coming back to life to recite that poor attempt at a poem—so I kept my mouth shut and hung up then rushed the hell away from there.

At some point the cops were going to start asking why I was always the one to discover them. I realized that after my third time calling in. When the detective had arrived and seen my face, when he realized that he recognized me from the last murdered guy I’d called about I’d quickly understood. Soon I would be the common denominator in all these murders and I would be the one to get punished, even if I was just the messenger.

That’s why I never gave my name anymore. That’s why I never stayed long enough for the police to see it was me.

And anyway, I had other pressing things to get to.


I hope you like it so far!

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Thank you for reading!

~KJ Sage~

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