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Within the last few days, both Finding Shelter (prequel) and Building Shelter (book one) became available to order.

Going from dreaming of getting all my writing off the ground, to two releases in a week... it feels so good!

For Finding Shelter, you can read it in the box set Fight the Night!


I used to accept being their slave. His captive plaything. What else was there for me in life?

But having a child changes you.

It took bringing an innocent being into this world to remember all the things he conditioned out of me. Inside, I'm a badass wolf. I'm loyal and fierce and there's no way in hell that bastard is raising my son.

Get it here!




I just got out of a relationship. A bad one. No way in hell am I going to let another alpha treat me like garbage. Especially not the judgmental single father next door.

So he thinks I'm nothing but white trash? I'll show him just how trashy I can be...


After losing everything, I've learned to keep myself and my family safe. Especially from love.

That is until Violet, the fiesta omega, moves in next door with her new pack...

Get it here!



At the time being, all of my releases are short, bite sized and perfect to squeeze into a busy day but if you want something a little shorter, you can get a short witchy romance through story origin.

As always, thank you for the support. I'd love to chat, especially if you've read any of my books! If you'd like to join my chat group, its here!

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