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Shelter Pack is coming!

This is quite surreal for me. I feel like I've been working on this career launch for a million years. The waiting has been just as hard as the writing. learning not to jump in before you're ready, that's truly a skill.

In a matter of days Finding Shelter, the story of Teisha, a shifter, escaping an abusive pack will be released in the Fight The Night boxset. At the same time, Building shelter, the next part of the Shelter Pack series will be available for preorder.

In the world that I've been working on, which connects all of my UF (urban fantasy) stories so far, magic is a badly kept secret. Shifters live in the open, often dealing with discrimination, Necromancers have P.I. agencies and the witch living down the street may have used magic to win the "Best Pie" award at the local fair.

The Shelter Pack series takes place in Vancouver BC, and follows the lives of lone wolves, down on their luck, looking for a place to belong.

They are bite sized Novelettes, perfect short reads to fit into a busy day. Books 1-3 are romances but the prologue, Finding Shelter is not and I have other stories planned for this pack without romance.

I currently have one story ready to go, one ready for the editor, and two partially finished manuscripts.

My heart has been warmed working on these sweet stories and I hope that yours will be too.


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